The Edward Jackson range of Paint Roller Machinery

Edward Jackson has been supplying high quality and reliable machines to the world-wide paint brush and paint roller industry for over 25 years.  The current range of roller making equipment covers the needs of both high and low volume producers with every machine being constantly reviewed for improvements to achieve ease of use and operator safety.



Helix Thermo-Bonder Paint Roller Winding Machine


The Helix is an advanced machine for high speed continuous winding on pre-cut core tubes. Needing only one operator it can reliably bond up to 5400 7" rollers per hour!



R2 Flexible Paint Roller Finishing Machine


Designed for flexibility the R2 Cutting and Finishing Machine is a fully automatic machine for cutting roller heads from wound tubes and performing a choice of finishing operations. Settings are programmable for very quick changeovers.



HSF3 High Speed Finishing Machine


The improved, new look HSF3 Roller Finishing Machine cards, shears, bevels and cuts full length wound rollers, with an output of up to 5400 high quality 7" rollers per hour.

Available with Tube Dust Cleaner.


3" Narrow Bevellers for HSF machines


The narrow Beveller Unit is a must for companies looking to improve their production efficiency.  A reliable cut combined with significantly reduced maintenance and setting time.  Now supplied as standard with new machines, the beveller is backwards compatible with the old units and can be used on all HSF machines.