HSF3 High Speed Roller Finishing Machine

HSF3 High Speed Paint Roller Cutting and Finishing Machine

The HSF3 High Speed Roller Finishing Machine cards, shears, bevels and cuts full length wound rollers and can be supplied with a specially designed dust extraction fan unit. Rollers can be produced down to a minimum of 3 inches in length.

Key Functions

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  • Loading
    • A wound core tube is transferred from the bottom of the magazine (hopper) to one of six hardened steel mandrels.
  • Carding
    • The carder lifts and fluffs the pile, hiding the winding line. There are adjustments for speed and depth of penetration, as well as the recent addition of a carding duration control.
  • Shearing
    • The shear used on the machine is a proprietary unit, supplied by a well established English firm supplying shears to the textile industry. The unit is easily set for different pile heights.
  • Bevelling
    • The bevellers are specially designed units which cut a "V" notch at the required spacing along the tube. Penetration of all the bevellers is set simultaneously and the units are easily interchanged for service on a specially designed bench sharpening unit which can be supplied with the machine.
  • Cutting
    • Free running tool steel knife wheels give a clean cut against the mandrels and can be individually set for an effective cut at each position.
  • Ejection
    • Finished rollers are ejected at the right hand side of the machine ready for conveying to packaging equipment.
  • Optional tube dust removal
    • The optional SC Tube Dust Cleaner bolts to the end of the conveyor and removes the cutting dust that can be deposited inside the ends of finished rollers, especially those with Phenolic or PVC cores.


Output 5400 7" rollers per hour 4200 9" rollers per hour
Minimum cut 75mm (3") long (Maximum 12 rollers per tube)
Stock Tubes Up to 1680mm (66")
Material: Phenolic, PVC, Polypropylene, Card.
38mm(1½") ID basic
Other sizes (up to 51mm/2" ID) optional
Pile Up to 32mm (1¼") high 37.5º Bevel angle
Power Supply 13kW 50-60Hz 3-phase 8 l/sec maximum flow
- Cased
Case 1: 1834Kgs
Case 2: 675Kgs
3.225 x 1.34 x 2.03 m
3.43 x 0.985 x 1.51 m
- Assembled 4.8 x 1.4 x 1.6 m