R2 Flexible Cutting and Finishing Machine

R2 Paint Roller Cutting and Finishing Machine

The R2 Flexible Cutting and Finishing Machine is a fully automatic machine for cutting paint roller heads from wound tubes with a choice of finishing operations. Settings are programmable for very quick changeovers, typically less than two minutes.

Key Features

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  • Automatic loading and precision positioning of wound tubes.
    • Wound tubes drop into the feeding position automatically.  Each is then fed on to the main spindle by a linear actuator, ensuring accurate finished roller length.
  • Clean cutting, with or without bevelling.
    • A pile parter is incorporated into the knife mounting to ensure a perfect cut without the messy finish caused by fabric being drawn in.  The standard knife is easy and cheap to replace and creates an exceptionally clean cut.
  • Optional finishing operations, catering for all rollers up to the highest quality.
    • The following operations can be chosen separately for each product. Click on each bullet point for further information.
    • Carding
      • The carding operation lifts and cleans the pile, and hides the winding line.  The speed, duration and depth of carding can all be adjusted for optimal control of this process.
    • High Speed Spin
      • The roller can be spun at up to 6000 rpm to throw out any loose fibres for complete roller cleaning.
    • Bevelling
      • Two straight bevel units adjustable for position and angle.  The units can be removed from the machine for ease of sharpening.
    • Face Shear
      • The shear creates a smooth roller surface by cutting away any uneven and protruding fibres. The shearing unit on the R2 has many features for ease of maintenance and long life not usually found on a unit this size.
  • Touch screen control
    • The machine is PLC operated through a visual HMI (human-machine interface).  Programs can be set and retrieved for each product and there are comprehensive troubleshooting and maintenance functions giving the R2 maximum time for roller production.
  • Fast changeovers
    • Since all the information needed for changing from one product to another is stored by the R2, this operation is extremely quick.  A completely different product (fabric and roller length) needs a break in production of no more than two minutes.
    • The R2 also has a dedicated 'Setup' run mode to make it easy to find the correct settings for new products, again minimising downtime and wastage.

See the R2 Paint Roller Finishing Machine in action.  This video shows an overview of the machine including a complete changeover with all the normal adjustments for a different fabric and roller length.

This machine is covered by US patent application 12935933


Output 500-1200 rollers per hour Depending on options
Stock Tubes Up to 1.83m (72") Polypropylene (PP), PVC, Phenolic, Card.
Pile Fabric Up to 32mm (1½") high  
Finished rollers 25-305mm (1-12") long 38mm (1½") ID standard (others on request)
Controller Touch screen 635 user programs
Power Supply 1kW average (3kW peak) 230V 50-60Hz single phase Air: 14 l/min (½ cfm) at 5.5 bar (80 psi)
Crate size 685 kg gross 3.33 x 0.96 x 1.43m