W3 Continuous Roller Winder

W3 Paint Roller Winding Machine

The W3 Continuous Roller Winder is an automatic machine for gluing and winding fabric on to pre-cut core tubes.

Key Features

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  • Consistent continuous winding
    • As the core tubes pass through the machine, they are butted up end to end and the fabric is wound on without interruption.  The join between cores is bound with adhesive tape to prevent the fabric unravelling and a knife cuts the fabric and tape at the join to allow the wound roller to be released.  Inverter motor control allows precise production rates, allowing optimization of surface treatment or accurate synchronization with the production line.
  • Inline surface treatment to allow gluing to PP core tubes
    • A new feature of the W3 is the ability to wind on to Polypropylene and unscratched PVC cores.  Immediately before the glue and fabric are applied the tubes are passed over a flame which, without melting the tube, alters the surface to allow glue to adhere well.  For safety this system has been completely integrated with the machine and will shut off if the flame is extinguished or the machine stops.  For more information, click here.
  • Automatic loading
    • The loader, with a hopper capacity of 300 tubes, automatically supplies the winder with core tubes.  This allows the operator time for quality control, as well as supplying the machine with fabric.  Click for more information on the W3 Loader.
  • Accurate glue application
    • Two-part epoxy resin is mixed just before it is applied to the tube though a specially designed, easy to clean nozzle.  Glue is only applied when needed.  Adhesive is dispensed in the correct ratio by a proprietary glue pump which is usually supplied with the machine.
  • Interchangeable parts are available for different tube diameters.


Output 7.3m (24') per minute 12 seconds per tube
Tube length 1.5-1.69m (58-66½") 1.42-1.5m (56-58") switchable
Tube diameter 35-60mm (1⅜-2⅜")  
Pile Up to 32mm (1¼") high High pile may not wind well with the largest tube diameters
Loader Takes up to 300 tubes click here for more details
Operators One  
Power Supply 1.1kW 50-60Hz 3-phase 150 l/min(5 cfm) at 5.5 bar (80 psi)
Dimensions 1110kg (cased, with Tube Loader) 5.4 x 0.9 x 1.8 m